About Chopper's


Have a classic car?  Let us restore it for you.

Packard Super 1929

We have been in the business for over 28 years.  We do complete restorations to bring your car back to its original state or we can modify any vehicle to give you that one of a kind car or truck.    My name is Fred Brightman, but I go by Chopper.  I got that name because of my ability to fabricate sheet metal for custom designs or bring back the original look of the sheet metal on your car.   

 You name it and we have probably worked on most types of cars or trucks.    Please see our photos of past and present cars that we have worked on.  We have many more examples of our work in our photo albums in the shop.   We also have a list of customers that will be happy to talk to you if you would like references.  We do not list them on the web site because of privacy issues. 

 Some of our cars come in with just a rusted body for a complete restoration.  Some we have worked on because of mistakes by other shops that compromised safety or produced a less than quality vehicle.  On some cars we have added custom design features; improved the body, frame or paint and others we have helped with updating the mechanics.  We do all wiring, ac installation, mig and tig welding as well.    The only thing we do not do is upholstery but we have many good people to refer you to.  We do provide transportation to the upholsterer as well as getting your car to our shop and back home again.

I have showed my vehicles in numerous shows, including in the  Superstock Class on the ISCA (International Show Car Association) circuit.  I won Class Championship for my 1968 Cuda.   Our cars have taken many 1st in Class and Best of Show Honors through the years.  

Some of my customers have come in saying, “I do not want a show car.”  I ask them the following questions, “Do you want a nice straight body?  Do you want a paint job that is clear and shiny?  Do you want safety when you drive?”  They all answer, “Of course!” Then you want a show car and that is the quality of work you can expect from our shop.